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Washington, D.C.

The kitchen in this 1930s Washington DC home merges into the central hallway, open to a cozy casual breakfast room and flanked by a formal dining room and living room. Avid cooks and art aficionados, the owners sought a sociable hub that would balance sophistication with an uncluttered aesthetic. The solution that emerged uses understated white cabinetry and tops as a foil for three strongly contrasting elements.

A full size refrigerator and freezer join a large pantry cabinet that also conceals the microwave, integrated into a Classical themed mahogany armoire realized in Scott’s “Stanford” series, dominating one wall of the relatively small room. Across from it, a professional gas range with an asymmetrical cold rolled steel hood take a more industrial tone. Floating out from a niche in the breakfast room, a walnut server recessed into a chamfer faced box suggests a mid-century modern vibe.

Each element makes a distinctly different statement, yet careful consideration of proportion, scale and detail relationships bring them together; an unlikely combination conversing in harmony. A project with Jennifer Gilmer Kitchen & Bath.

Scott A. Stultz


Scott A. Stultz

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