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Mizuki Mizuki

The shadows of straight edges cast onto curved surfaces. The vertical repetition of tree trunks in a wooded grove, and their counterpoint in the horizontal ground plane, canopies of branches, bands of clouds. The ripples in a pond, and the way that they break reflections into shifting bands of light and shadow. These images are at the core of Mizuki. “Mizu” is Japanese for water (the horizontal element) and “ki” suggests a stand of trees (the vertical, semi-elliptical element upon which the shadow play occurs.

The Mizuki system includes five door types related by a few simple design elements and a set of inherent proportional rules. They can work together in an infinite number of combinations. While Mizuki is inspired both by Japanese folk houses and the traditional cabinetry known as tansu, it avoids caricature. A room setting can suggest an affinity to traditional Japanese form, or to modern minimalism. Mizuki offers endless flexibility for the modernist client looking for an alternative to the mainstream.

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