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“Can we please do something other than white?” Along with wanting a more cooking and entertaining friendly update of the room they’d lived with for more than 20 years, this couple asked for a palette dominated by something other than white painted cabinetry. Taking cues from the surrounding natural environment, a rich yet subtle combination of colors and textures emerged, alluding to lichen covered rocks and tree bark, sun dappled creeks, and the forest floor.

Rethinking layout, the functional zones of the room were grouped into distinct and interlocking elements. A cooking hearth adjoins a preparation and clean-up area, bracketing a large multi-purpose island, with the remaining elevation integrating tall storage and wall mounted appliances and a hidden entry to a walk-in pantry. These groupings are delineated by changes in work surface materials, cabinet door styles and colors, and two different types of hardware. Careful attention was paid to the rhythm and repetition of motifs to ensure a harmonious visual character. The room draws you in like a woodsy landscape painting.

Scott A. Stultz


Scott A. Stultz

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